Is it a Happy Chewbacca?

I bought the Chewbacca mask yesterday and after about ten or fifteen minutes, I got kind of bored with it.  Now that I took it back, I wish I still had it, but I know I would get bored with it all over again.  Being that I’m eleven, I think maybe three through seven or eight year olds would love it.

For an older kid it doesn’t fit very well, but for a smaller kid it would fit a lot better.  Another thing is my face gets so sweaty that you could see the sweat.  So, maybe don’t wear it outside on a hot day.   I think it would be a great addition to a Halloween costume because it would be A LOT cooler that time of year.  Lastly, you can see your mouth when Chewy’s opens, but you could easily just wear a black cloth such as a bandana over your mouth.  Over all, it is a four star object.  Click here for demo video

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