My story of the Galactic Empire Inspired by Jots By John: part two

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

“Where are those rebels!?” said Darth Vader, slamming his fist on a control panel.

“We are searching all around the galaxy for where they’re hiding, Lord Vader”  General Veers Replied.

“Where have you searched?”  Asked Vader.

“Everywhere.  Well, everywhere except for Hoth”  said General Veers.

“Then that’s where they are, you block head!”  Darth Vader said back.

“Yes, Lord Vader, we’ll send probes in immediately to search for rebel activity”  The General assured.

Not even two minutes later, six probe droids dropped out from under a star destroyer orbiting Hoth.  The droids headed straight for the frigid ice planet.

One of the droids landed near Han Solo, who was on a scout run with Chewbacca.

Back on the star destroyer,  General Veers was pacing the floor of the control room awaiting a status report,

“We’ve found rebels, sir” said a probe droid operator.

“How many?”  replied General Veers

“Two, one is very…uh…tall, sir” The operator said back.

“It must be that roaring teddy bear they call a wookie”  the General jeered.

Just then, Veers noticed the droid was taking damage.

“Our droid is taking hits!  Self destruct the probe before it’s taken down!  It holds to much information!”  The General snapped.

The operator immediately disintegrated the droid and the information along with it.

“That was too close!” General Veers said, extremely relieved,”But, now we know where the rebels are hiding out”

Veers went straight to hangar 34.  There, Darth Vader was supervising the construction of his new TIE advanced fighter, after his first one was destroyed by the Millennium Falcon.  “Have you any new information, General?” asked Darth Vader.

“Yes, Lord Vader.” Veers replied, “We’ve found the wookie, which means Solo must me near by.”

“Now it is assured.  The rebels are on Hoth!”  Vader said in excitement.

“Since the Death Star is still under construction, we will send in our walkers.” Veers said

“We will make these rebel scum pay!”  Vader vowed.


 See the other side of the story on Jots By John.

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