Product Review: Real Racing 3

What’s up racers!  If you’re looking for a good car game for tablets, this is the one for you.  Real Racing 3 pushes it to the limits when it comes to tablet or phone racing games.

It has thirty-one different car manufacturers and ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN cars in total!  There are several circuits in several countries.  Here are the countries that I know of:

  • America
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Australia

Okay, maybe it’s really not that many, but they have several tracks from each country.  Some of the American tracks feature Daytona and Indianapolis!  These are a few pics from the game:

Ferrari fight!img_20161207_1305070961

Lamborghini lash out img_20161207_130244173_hdr1

It’s a Ford finish!img_20161207_130316992_hdr1

It looks like the snake bit!img_20161207_130339289_hdr1


Be sure to look for “Real Racing 3” the next time you’re in in the app store! (It’s free!)


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