My Story of the Galactic Empire Inspired by Jots By John part three

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

“Imperial walkers spotted, scramble snow speeders!  I repeat, imperial walkers spotted, scramble snow speeders!  To battle stations!”  Alarms rang out as the rebels were manning their battle stations,  hoping to be able to suppress the incoming walkers set on their destruction.

“We are approaching the rebel base.  We will be there shortly,” said General Veers through a radio in an AT-AT.

“Good, make sure these rebel scum pay!” Darth Vader replied.

“They appear to have a new sort of air ship.  It may be designed specifically for our walkers,” Veers noted.

“Make sure the AT-STs wipe them out,” Vader demanded.

T-47 snow speeders were zooming past ground troops heading straight for the AT-ATs.  Ten speeders came rushing towards the five walkers.

“Use your tow cables. That armor is too strong for blasters,” said a rebel officer talking to a pilot through a speaker.

“Copy that, I’m going in!” replied the pilot.

The T-47  took four laps around the walker and tripped up the AT-AT.  With four walkers left, not including AT-STs, the war raged on.

“Remember, your goal is to take down the power generator so that the transport ships cannot get off world,” Vader reminded.

“Yes, lord Vader,” Veers replied.

T-47s were buzzing around the walkers like bees with only four walkers left.  Five out of the eight remaining speeders had a miscommunication and three crashed because of it.

“Blast it!  We’ve lost three more speeders!” said the rebel officer in frustration. “We can’t afford to lose any more!”

The remaining speeders were tripping walkers up rapidly and Veers was growing more and more nervous.

“General, your walkers are decreasing. You only have two left,” said Vader.

“Don’t remind me,” replied Veers nervously.

One of the walkers went down making Veers’ AT-AT the last one standing.  As a T-47 swung around for the kill, the AT-AT pilot happened to shoot it down.  Little did they know, it was Luke Skywalker.  He jumped out of the T-47, shot his grappling hook up into the underside of the walker.  He then cut a hole in the bottom of the walker, threw a grenade into it, then hopped down and watched the AT-AT go down in flames and Veers along with it.

“The transport ships are escaping!” Vader said, frustrated.”And, we have lost our general!  I need to find a new one.  The Emperor will not be pleased with this.”


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