I SURVIVED! The Voyage on the Student Driver

Based off of a true story… wait, it is a true story.

1:00 P.M. Friday, January 27….

I sat down in the boat not suspecting anything of the trip.  As they raised the sails, I went down into the cabin to check things out.  The rest of the kids were going on about how they thought a storage compartment was a toilet.  John and Ian were doing their usual….. talking about why they didn’t get this Nerf gun or why they’re going to get that one.  I was just hanging out, sitting next to the beds which Kate and Sarah were inexplicably examining.  I then decided to go up to the deck.

Promptly, the boat pulled out from the dock.  The instructors on the boat were arguing about something, although through all the yelling -and some of my nervousness- I didn’t understand any of it.  Soon enough, the ‘Student Driver’ was on its way (the boat was named that because it drove students).  It wasn’t swaying that much until we were going really fast.  Tack, after tack, the boat felt like it was going over.  When I went to the cabin, it felt a lot better.  Somehow, seeing the water through the window facing upward was relaxing.

There was a girl sitting on the low side of the boat about fifteen years old who had a tear running down her face.  Due to my nervousness, I did not judge.  Every time the boat would lean, she clutched a pole running through the middle of the boat.  I can, however, judge for not switching sides.  Anyway, after about an hour of that madness, we were out of the harbor.  I did not approve of that at all.  Obviously, the instructor wouldn’t stop the entire trip because of one kid’s opinion.

As we went out, we saw sea lions basking on a buoy.  That was the least scary part of the trip.  A few more minutes that felt like hours later, we had turned around and were heading home.  Finally, we were back in the harbor.  I was sitting in the cabin talking to my friends when BAM!!!!!!!!!!!  Suddenly, we all felt a worrying and abrupt jerk that had immediately brought us to a stop.

Worriedly, I asked the instructors what happened.  We had run aground, but one of the instructors reassured me because he said it would take a tank shell (bullet) to break the keel.  The reason that was comforting is because the only way to capsize the boat was to break the keel.

Minutes later, Orange County Harbor Patrol showed up.  We were loaded onto the patrol boat while a whaler (a type of small motor boat) pulled our sail boat out of the mud under the water.  Meanwhile, one of the instructors was actually yelling at the officer for not marking the shallow water.

Everything from there was calm because they tied the whaler to the side of the boat to pull it back to the docks.  We did run the boat through a flock of seagulls on the way back though.

The End.


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