Product Review: Skinseed

Hey, Minecraft fans!  Today, we will be talking about how to create your own Minecraft skin!  This confused me for quite a while until I downloaded Skinseed.  Skinseed is a skin launcher that allows you to create, download, and customize skins to export to Minecraft.  Skinseed is the simplest skin launcher that I’ve seen by far.  Here’s how to use it:


When you download the app, go to the wardrobe, click the small orange circle with the white “+” sign in its center and select “template skins”.  You’ll start with a guy who has a grey shirt, long, dark hair, and brown slacks.  From there, you can either use the colors you have or tap the small color wheel and make new colors!  Keep exploring the different buttons on the bottom bar and learn how to use them to create the best skins possible!  (Yes, it is possible to delete skins.)

_20170502_1008031  _20170502_1007471#Eskimo Me



Now, we’ll talk about downloading skins.  If you’re feeling too lazy to make a certain skin, like Iron Man, you can click the triple line in the top left corner of the screen and choose the “search” button.  From there, you can search and browse until you find what you need.


Once you’ve downloaded or created a skin you can always edit it.  So now, we will talk about layers and naming skins.  Layers are really fun to use, and they help you create the skin of your dreams!  All you need to do is click the button that looks like two squares overlapping each other.  If you want to get really advanced, go to the color wheel and you will see a new white bar.  Moving the adjuster to the left will make the layer more transparent.  Moving it to the right will make the layer thicker.

Naming skins is pretty easy.  All you need to do is select the skin you want to name, and click the button with three dots that’s located under the picture of your skin.  Then, tap the “name skin” button and type in what you want to name that skin._20170502_1041381


Skinseed has helped me make my Minecraft world more interesting and fun.  I hope you join the fun and get this app too.

(Free on Amazon!!!)

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Building the Millennium Falcon!

This post has been dedicated in memory of Carrie Fisher….

What’s up Star Wars fans?  I didn’t get a lot for Christmas, but what I did get, was absolutely awesome!

Here is a list of some of the things that I got:

  • Nerf Rival Zeus
  • Batteries for said Zeus
  • Overwatch: origins edition
  • Battlefield 1

Now, for what you clicked on this post to see, let’s talk about the Falcon!  You would never be able to guess how many pieces are in that set!  There are exactly one thousand three hundred twenty-nine pieces!  BAM!  WHAT!?   This is the biggest set I’ve ever received and I built it all by myself.  When I got my Lego AT-AT, I only built part of the body, and my mom built most of the rest.  The only set I ever built by myself was one of those small sets, UNTIL NOW! BUM!  BUM!  BUM!  (pause for dramatic affect)

The minifigures in the set include:

  • Han Solo

HE SHOT FIRST!_20170103_1348051


  • Chewbacca



  • Rey


  • Finn


  • BB-8

Tell me that ain’t cute.


  • Tasu Leech, the Kanjiklub ring leader


  • Kanjiklub gang member


  • Wait a minute, what’s Spiderman doing here?

_20170103_1345281These are some interior shots:

img_20170103_1405050831 The pilot


The gunner


The engineer


The droid


The fuzzball

This is probably my favorite set, mainly because it’s the biggest set I’ve ever gotten, and I built it 100% by myself.

Product Review: 1:24 Scale NASCAR Stock Car

What’s up racing fans!  Today I’ve decided to do a post about the NASCAR platinum addition 1:24 scale stock car models.  I’ll show some pictures of my models later in the post.  Here are the pros and cons of these models.


  • The wheels turn along with the steering wheel!  They turn in harmony with each other.
  • The engine is actually 3D and not just a lumpy piece of plastic painted to look like an img_20160825_1453434931engine.
  • The net on the driver’s side is an actual net.  It’s not another piece of plastic made to look real.
  • The nitrogen tanks in the back of the car are there!  You can even see the tube the nitrogen runs through!
  • The details in general are uncanny to the real thing.  From the interior designs like the fire extinguishers in the cabin, to the sponsors on the frame, it’s pretty much an exact replica!


  • It’s delicate.


Do you want any more info on cars?

Click here to visit gearheadhq which is a 100% car blog.

Click this picture to buy my favorite model.

Here are some bonus car pictures.

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What’s up, readers!  Today I learned how to play an awesome game called Stratego.  The objective of the game is to capture the flag.  The way to get there is by moving a piece forwards, backwards, and side-to-side, but never diagonal.

Now, let’s discuss who can do what.  When playing the game, you’ll see there are numbers on the pieces.  The lower the number is, the higher rank the piece is and the higher rank the piece is, the more dominant it is.  This is why the rules state that the pieces must be facing you, otherwise your opponent can target could target a specific piece and take you down easier.  Here is a list of all of the pieces:

  • Bombs (x6) – Bombs will kill anything they come upon, except for miners, and they can not move. B
  • Marshal (x1) – Marshals are the highest rank in the game and can only be killed by spies.#1
  • General (x1) – Generals are your second in command. The only ones who can kill him is an enemy Marshal or obviously a spy.#2
  • Colonels (x2) – Colonels are a force to be reckoned with.  Although they’re no Marshal, they can still kick butt on the battlefield.#3
  • Majors (x3) – Majors are only one step down from the Colonels.  They are still good dudes to have. #4
  • Captains (x4) – Captains are good for defense.  Being that they’re not the strongest, but still a higher rank, they can take down most enemy attackers. #5
  • Lieutenants (x4) – Lieutenants are good for getting miners into the battle and keeping them safe from enemy scouts. #6
  • Sergeants (x4) – Sergeants can take down enemy miners before they can defuse your bombs.#7
  • Miners (x5) – Miners are probably my favorite because they get rid of your opponent’s bombs before they can kill anyone.#8
  • Scouts (x8) – Scouts are pretty much pawns.  They can either be decoys to distract your enemy from where your flag is, or you can escort your scouts to the enemy flag and capture it.
  • Spy (x1) – Spies are the weakest piece on the board.  They only have one purpose: neutralize the enemy marshal.  Being the he/she can be killed by any enemy, protect them well.  The spy can only take out the marshal if he/she takes the first shot. S
  • Flag (x1) – The flag is what you need to keep from your enemy and defend with your life!  That might be going to far.  Ah, you know what I mean!

Now get out there and try a new game!  Fun guaranteed. 

Need any more info? Click here to check Stratego on Wikipedia.

Want the game?  Click the picture to buy on Amazon.

Product Review: Battlefield 4 (part three) Objectives NOT as told by Mega Blox

Hey, readers!  Last time, we went over my favorite vehicles in Bf4.  Today, we’re talking about Battlefield’s objectives and how to play them.  Remember, this game is rated ‘M’ for mature.

There are thirteen different game modes.  Here they are:

  1. Conquest
  2. Rush
  3. Team Death Match
  4. Squad Death Match
  5. Obliteration
  6. Domination
  7. Air Superiority (one of my favorites)20161201_074449
  8. Capture the Flag
  9. Carrier Assault (large)
  10. Carrier Assault (small)
  11. Chainlink
  12. Squad Obliteration
  13. Gun Master

First, let’s discuss Battlefield’s signature game mode, Conquest.  The idea is to capture and hold objectives.  The way you do that is by going into a certain area called a capture point.  If you’re capturing alone and one enemy is on the objective with you,then it will not capture.  That’s the same with two, three, four, and so on.  Above, is me defending objective ‘Charlie’ from an attacker.  Also, if you are capturing an objective and get outnumbered, the capture status goes backward and the enemy team takes back the objective.

Now for rush, as I promised in part one.  The Objective for the attackers is to blow up a set of M-COMs.  M-COMs are these box-like objects that hold fragile data.  The attackers need to destroy that data.  Here’s how to do it.  You need to get to the M-COM station and hold the ‘square’ button (‘X’ on X-Box) for certain amount of time until it’s armed.  Then, you must keep the defenders from disarming it.  You need to do that to two M-COMs per set.  There can be as little as three sets, or as many as six.


Any questions?

Please visit my FAQs post on Bf4 and comment there.


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Product Review: Battlefield 4 (part two) Vehicles as told by Mega Blox

What’s up, gamers!  Welcome to part two of the Battlefield 4 product review.  Previously, we discussed the infantry standpoint of Battlefield 4.  Today we’re learning about Battlefield 4’s vehicles.  Remember, this game is rated ‘M’ for mature.

The list includes lots of vehicles, so I’ll discuss my favorites.  Here’s the entire list:

  1. Tanks
  2. Two types of LAVs (Land Attack Vehicles): anti-infantry and anti-air
  3. Attack boats
  4. Scout helicopters
  5. Attack helicopters
  6. Transport helicopters
  7. Attack jets
  8. Stealth jetsimg_20161115_1322218251
  9. Transport trucks
  10. Jeeps
  11. Jet skis
  12. Transport boats
  13. Quad bikes

First, let’s talk about tanks.  They have lots of different types of shells (bullets), but only two can be equipped at a time.  Regular shells are called primary and special shells that do different things, like locking onto tanks, are called secondary.  They can also be equipped with various accessories, but only two can be put on your tank at a time.  I am  going to name what I’ve  equipped on my tank:

  • Sabot shells (non-explosive rounds that that deal high amounts of enemy vehicles)
  • Staff shells (explosive rounds that when fired, lock onto the tank at the very last20161115_160159 minute and hit the tank from the top)
  • Active protection (laser detonator that blows up incoming projectiles)
  • Reactive armor (extra armor that absorbs enemy fire and decreases damage to the tank)


Well, I think we have time for one more vehicle.

An air vehicle.

One of the most deadly air vehicles of all!

(*drum roll*)


Attack helicopters are like the tanks of the skies!  They’re equipped with rocket pods, secondary missiles, flares, and lots of accessories to choose from.  You can customize your load out for the gunner’s seat as well.  This is my load out:

  • Hydra rockets (type of rocket)
  • Air-to-air missile (missile that will lock onto enemy aircraft)
  • Jyro-stabilizer (a device that will stabilize the air craft faster when immobilized)
  • ECM jammer (a smoke that can be emitted from the helicopter that prevents missile locks and disrupts incoming missiles)


Any questions?

Please visit my FAQs post on Bf4 and comment there.


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Product Review: BATTLEFIELD 4 (part one) Infantry as told by Mega Blox

Hey, gamers!  I promised a Battlefield 4 product review, so here it is.

First off, it’s rated ‘M’ for mature, so ask your parents if you can play.  Battlefield 4 has four classes of soldiers: assault a.k.a. medic, engineer a.k.a. mechanic, support a.k.a. heavy, and last but not least, recon a.k.a. sniper.


Now, I’m going to talk about the assault class.  Usually, you would find a medic with a shotgun, for they operate best in close quarters combat along with the shotgun.  The gun actually meant for assault is the fully automatic assault rifle, one of my favorites.  Their equipment is usually a medical kit along with a defibrillator, a device use to start a heart that is not beating.  You can also use various types of other equipment, but there are too many to name.


Now, for the engineers.  Their primary weapon is a PDW (personal defense weapon).  They usually carry a rocket launcher of some kind, whether it’s a  dumb fire, laser guided, anti-tank, or anti-air,they’ve got it.  They can also equip repair tools, such as EOD bots.  EOD bots are small r.c. repair droids that can repair vehicles and arm and disarm M-COMs (I will explain those in part three).  They can use the basic hand held blow torch as a repair tool as well.


Don’t forget the support class, as they’re a very important asset to the game.  They most always use an LMG (light machine gun). They may also use ammo crates and sometimes C-4 explosives.  C-4 is a remotely detonated plastic explosive with duct tape wrapping around it so that it will stick to any surface.  They can use ballistic shields, though you seldom see them because they’re an expansion pack item.


Last but not least, the stealthy sniper.  Obviously they use sniper rifles, long range guns that can kill some one in one shot!  Their equipment  is almost always a radio beacon a.k.a. spawn beacon.  They may also use reconnaissance drones, motion sensors, and sofloms.  Sofloms are devices that can lock onto any vehicles so that soldiers with RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) can lock onto them even if that launcher doesn’t lock.

There are also other weapons accessible to all classes such as: DMRs  (Designated Marksman Rifles), carbines, and shotguns.

Any questions?

Please visit my FAQs post on BF4 and comment there.


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