The Story Behind Zombie Pigmen (and why they’re nice)

(before reading this, this was made just for fun, and there could be an official version of this story that differs from this one.)

Once upon a time (don’t worry, dudes, this isn’t a fairy tale),

In the days of old,

There lived tribe called the Pigmen,

Who loved stealing gold.

They attacked anyone they saw,

And killed them all,

Their golden swords’ bling left people in awe.

One day,

The people had a enough,

So they summoned the Wither,

And he was quite rough.

A curse on the tribe is what he lay,

And then the Wither went on to say,

“From your deeds you must go,

to the heat of the great dungeon that lay far below.”

There they went accepting their debt,

Of a thousand eternities where it’s impossible to get wet.

There they learned to only defend,

And when a friend is in need,

A hand you shall lend.

So, yeah, just, don’t mess with the Pigmen.


The End.

Product Review: Real Racing 3

What’s up racers!  If you’re looking for a good car game for tablets, this is the one for you.  Real Racing 3 pushes it to the limits when it comes to tablet or phone racing games.

It has thirty-one different car manufacturers and ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN cars in total!  There are several circuits in several countries.  Here are the countries that I know of:

  • America
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Australia

Okay, maybe it’s really not that many, but they have several tracks from each country.  Some of the American tracks feature Daytona and Indianapolis!  These are a few pics from the game:

Ferrari fight!img_20161207_1305070961

Lamborghini lash out img_20161207_130244173_hdr1

It’s a Ford finish!img_20161207_130316992_hdr1

It looks like the snake bit!img_20161207_130339289_hdr1


Be sure to look for “Real Racing 3” the next time you’re in in the app store! (It’s free!)