Product Review: Battlefield 4 (part three) Objectives NOT as told by Mega Blox

Hey, readers!  Last time, we went over my favorite vehicles in Bf4.  Today, we’re talking about Battlefield’s objectives and how to play them.  Remember, this game is rated ‘M’ for mature.

There are thirteen different game modes.  Here they are:

  1. Conquest
  2. Rush
  3. Team Death Match
  4. Squad Death Match
  5. Obliteration
  6. Domination
  7. Air Superiority (one of my favorites)20161201_074449
  8. Capture the Flag
  9. Carrier Assault (large)
  10. Carrier Assault (small)
  11. Chainlink
  12. Squad Obliteration
  13. Gun Master

First, let’s discuss Battlefield’s signature game mode, Conquest.  The idea is to capture and hold objectives.  The way you do that is by going into a certain area called a capture point.  If you’re capturing alone and one enemy is on the objective with you,then it will not capture.  That’s the same with two, three, four, and so on.  Above, is me defending objective ‘Charlie’ from an attacker.  Also, if you are capturing an objective and get outnumbered, the capture status goes backward and the enemy team takes back the objective.

Now for rush, as I promised in part one.  The Objective for the attackers is to blow up a set of M-COMs.  M-COMs are these box-like objects that hold fragile data.  The attackers need to destroy that data.  Here’s how to do it.  You need to get to the M-COM station and hold the ‘square’ button (‘X’ on X-Box) for certain amount of time until it’s armed.  Then, you must keep the defenders from disarming it.  You need to do that to two M-COMs per set.  There can be as little as three sets, or as many as six.


Any questions?

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Product Review: Battlefield 4 (part two) Vehicles as told by Mega Blox

What’s up, gamers!  Welcome to part two of the Battlefield 4 product review.  Previously, we discussed the infantry standpoint of Battlefield 4.  Today we’re learning about Battlefield 4’s vehicles.  Remember, this game is rated ‘M’ for mature.

The list includes lots of vehicles, so I’ll discuss my favorites.  Here’s the entire list:

  1. Tanks
  2. Two types of LAVs (Land Attack Vehicles): anti-infantry and anti-air
  3. Attack boats
  4. Scout helicopters
  5. Attack helicopters
  6. Transport helicopters
  7. Attack jets
  8. Stealth jetsimg_20161115_1322218251
  9. Transport trucks
  10. Jeeps
  11. Jet skis
  12. Transport boats
  13. Quad bikes

First, let’s talk about tanks.  They have lots of different types of shells (bullets), but only two can be equipped at a time.  Regular shells are called primary and special shells that do different things, like locking onto tanks, are called secondary.  They can also be equipped with various accessories, but only two can be put on your tank at a time.  I am  going to name what I’ve  equipped on my tank:

  • Sabot shells (non-explosive rounds that that deal high amounts of enemy vehicles)
  • Staff shells (explosive rounds that when fired, lock onto the tank at the very last20161115_160159 minute and hit the tank from the top)
  • Active protection (laser detonator that blows up incoming projectiles)
  • Reactive armor (extra armor that absorbs enemy fire and decreases damage to the tank)


Well, I think we have time for one more vehicle.

An air vehicle.

One of the most deadly air vehicles of all!

(*drum roll*)


Attack helicopters are like the tanks of the skies!  They’re equipped with rocket pods, secondary missiles, flares, and lots of accessories to choose from.  You can customize your load out for the gunner’s seat as well.  This is my load out:

  • Hydra rockets (type of rocket)
  • Air-to-air missile (missile that will lock onto enemy aircraft)
  • Jyro-stabilizer (a device that will stabilize the air craft faster when immobilized)
  • ECM jammer (a smoke that can be emitted from the helicopter that prevents missile locks and disrupts incoming missiles)


Any questions?

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Product Review: BATTLEFIELD 4 (part one) Infantry as told by Mega Blox

Hey, gamers!  I promised a Battlefield 4 product review, so here it is.

First off, it’s rated ‘M’ for mature, so ask your parents if you can play.  Battlefield 4 has four classes of soldiers: assault a.k.a. medic, engineer a.k.a. mechanic, support a.k.a. heavy, and last but not least, recon a.k.a. sniper.


Now, I’m going to talk about the assault class.  Usually, you would find a medic with a shotgun, for they operate best in close quarters combat along with the shotgun.  The gun actually meant for assault is the fully automatic assault rifle, one of my favorites.  Their equipment is usually a medical kit along with a defibrillator, a device use to start a heart that is not beating.  You can also use various types of other equipment, but there are too many to name.


Now, for the engineers.  Their primary weapon is a PDW (personal defense weapon).  They usually carry a rocket launcher of some kind, whether it’s a  dumb fire, laser guided, anti-tank, or anti-air,they’ve got it.  They can also equip repair tools, such as EOD bots.  EOD bots are small r.c. repair droids that can repair vehicles and arm and disarm M-COMs (I will explain those in part three).  They can use the basic hand held blow torch as a repair tool as well.


Don’t forget the support class, as they’re a very important asset to the game.  They most always use an LMG (light machine gun). They may also use ammo crates and sometimes C-4 explosives.  C-4 is a remotely detonated plastic explosive with duct tape wrapping around it so that it will stick to any surface.  They can use ballistic shields, though you seldom see them because they’re an expansion pack item.


Last but not least, the stealthy sniper.  Obviously they use sniper rifles, long range guns that can kill some one in one shot!  Their equipment  is almost always a radio beacon a.k.a. spawn beacon.  They may also use reconnaissance drones, motion sensors, and sofloms.  Sofloms are devices that can lock onto any vehicles so that soldiers with RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) can lock onto them even if that launcher doesn’t lock.

There are also other weapons accessible to all classes such as: DMRs  (Designated Marksman Rifles), carbines, and shotguns.

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Hey, Battlefield 4 fans!  For this post, I am inviting you to ask me some questions about Battlefield 4.  Here are some starter questions:

  1. What systems is it compatible on?  Pretty much all systems, except for Wii and Kinect, but you can play it on X-Box and Playstation. (Okay, all popular systems)
  2. What is it rated?  Battlefield 4 is rated ‘M’ for mature, so get your parents’ approval before playing.

Any questions?

Share through the comment box below and I’ll put it on this post.

I will make some product reviews very soon, so that you have something to ask about if you are unfamiliar with the game.

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Part three coming soon on game modes and how to play them.


For this post, I did an interview with my dad on our FAVORITE shooter game, and favorite game of all time: BATTLEFIELD 4!  I am only referring to the multiplayer online mode.  I’ve never played the campaign because it’s rated M.


What do you think about the vehicle standpoint of Battlefield 4? What do you like or dislike?

“I think that the vehicles are a useful addition to the game because of the ability to navigate large maps and the additional fire power and protection that they offer.”

Click here for an example of vehicle game play.

What do you think about the infantry standpoint of Battlefield 4?

“I like that you play as a team and you earn points based on how effectively you work with your team.”

What is your favorite map on Battlefield and why?

“I think I have two favorite maps in BF4. The first is Siege of Shanghai because there is plenty of infantry cover and you can move across the map quickly. It also has great sniper points. My second favorite is Locker because it’s all close quarters combat.”

What is your favorite expansion pack on BF4 and why?

“My favorite expansion pack is Second Assault because it is improved versions of some of the classic Battlefield maps.”

Which do you like more, vehicle based maps or infantry based maps?

“I like a combination of both because it allows for more versatile game play.”

What’s your favorite game mode and why?

“I like Conquest because it gives you the largest selection of vehicles and you can attack any objective you want. It’s a free roaming map.”

What is your favorite part about the entire game?

“The attention to detail and that no two games ever play out the same way.”

Parental guidance and permission is suggested for online gaming.  Please note Battlefield 4 campaign and online play may not be suitable for children.