The World’s REAL Heroes

Last week, I met a man named Chet Elliot who served in World War II!

He joined the military when he was nineteen years old and chose to serve in the Army instead of the Navy or Marines.  He was a foot soldier and he worked on and in half tracks.  He also served in Germany, France, England, Scotland, and more, but I didn’t catch them all.


This is a half track.

One of his crazy encounters during the war was when he was when he was guarding the half tracks and a German tank rolled in.  At first he thought it was an allied tank, until it started blowing up their equipment!  The tank saw him, but chose not to shoot.  That experience would later save three German soldiers.


The reason his experience would save three soldiers is because during the war, he captured three German soldiers.  He could have killed them, but he thought about his tank encounter and instead, turned them over to the U.S. Army to be taken as prisoners of war.  The good thing is, the war was over soon after that, so they weren’t in prison very long.

He was injured extremely bad when a grenade exploded on his shoulder.  He was afraid his girlfriend wouldn’t  like him anymore, but now they’ve been married for seventy years!  They were married July 12th, 1946.

P.S. Real heroes don’t wear capes, they wear dog tags.