Is Herobrine Real?

Hey guys!  Today, we will start the discussion, “Is Herobrine real?”.  I’ve become quite interested in that topic, though most signs point to “No”. But, who knows?  Maybe all that crud about ‘Entity 303’ could possibly be true, I guess?  I don’t know.  Let’s look at this; my favorite YouTuber, Unspeakablegaming, supposedly had a Herobrine sighting- ugh gives me chills just typing it! -with his friends on a ‘vanilla’ Minecraft server (vanilla means plain or no mods) and saw Herobrine at 0% health but still alive symbolizing that he’s dead.20170713_1319471 #Entity303

Now before I go any further, I need to put this in for the younger readers.  For one thing, why would an angry spirit haunt people through a video game?  Also, Herobrine is supposed to be Notches dead brother (Notch is the creator of Minecraft) WHEN NOTCH NEVER EVEN HAD A BROTHER!  Also, assuming he ireal, the odds of  him singling you out of the millions of people that play Minecraft is pretty much less than 1%.

Two facts disproving Herobrine:

1.  In most Herobrine encounters, Herobrine has a beard like the original Steve skin.  But, the real Herobrine skin is the current Steve skin (no beard) but with white eyes.

Herobrine_Pose  V.S.    Herobrine_IV_(2009-present)

Yeah Right.

2. In most encounter videos, there is little to no evidence of the actual existence of Herobrine.  For instance, there’s a video on YouTube where a guy was touring his own house.  But while he was doing so, he was avoiding one room of the house.  Then, when he entered the room, he ‘saw Herobrine’, then turned back, ran out of the room, and stopped the video.  There are way too many flaws in what happened.  For one thing, why would he stop the video if he was going to post it as evidence that Herobrine is real?  Another thing is, in the video, Herobrine’s arms don’t move.  People’s arms in Minecraft move a little bit to make it look like they’re breathing in and out.  This means “Herobrine” could easily be a custom banner made to look like Herobrine standing in front of a wooden wall.  Take a gander….

19761573_1858718764379473_6806564179567181824_n  V.S.   800px-1286120683579-REMASTERED

Two more things.  One, THE BEARD!,  and two, a Minecraft avatar is about six foot two inches, and a standard block is three feet.  This means that because the space Herobrine is in is only six feet tall, the top of his head would be somewhat in the block.  You can try it on you’re phone, or computer, or whatever you use.  Did I mention everything below his chest darker?

Any opinions on the topic?

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