Apples to Apples


We went to the Apple Store today and made movies about anything we could think up. Walking into the store, I thought it was pretty odd that we were having our field trip there.  But when we got into the briefing room, I saw the view of the ocean and Catalina just beyond the parking lot and a bunch of iPads and computers they let us use to play games.  I played on one of them.

The real fun began when the instructor let me make my video on Photo Booth.  Since I couldn’t load the video to this page, here is an example of the Photo Booth effects.

Once I had the video clips recorded, we used iMovie to edit it and add in special effects.  My friends played a big part in my movie called “BREAKING NEWS: My Friends Are Weirdos!” We all had a good laugh when we watched each other’s videos.  My favorite was the one called “The Baby”.