Product Review: BATTLEFIELD 4 (part one) Infantry as told by Mega Blox

Hey, gamers!  I promised a Battlefield 4 product review, so here it is.

First off, it’s rated ‘M’ for mature, so ask your parents if you can play.  Battlefield 4 has four classes of soldiers: assault a.k.a. medic, engineer a.k.a. mechanic, support a.k.a. heavy, and last but not least, recon a.k.a. sniper.


Now, I’m going to talk about the assault class.  Usually, you would find a medic with a shotgun, for they operate best in close quarters combat along with the shotgun.  The gun actually meant for assault is the fully automatic assault rifle, one of my favorites.  Their equipment is usually a medical kit along with a defibrillator, a device use to start a heart that is not beating.  You can also use various types of other equipment, but there are too many to name.


Now, for the engineers.  Their primary weapon is a PDW (personal defense weapon).  They usually carry a rocket launcher of some kind, whether it’s a  dumb fire, laser guided, anti-tank, or anti-air,they’ve got it.  They can also equip repair tools, such as EOD bots.  EOD bots are small r.c. repair droids that can repair vehicles and arm and disarm M-COMs (I will explain those in part three).  They can use the basic hand held blow torch as a repair tool as well.


Don’t forget the support class, as they’re a very important asset to the game.  They most always use an LMG (light machine gun). They may also use ammo crates and sometimes C-4 explosives.  C-4 is a remotely detonated plastic explosive with duct tape wrapping around it so that it will stick to any surface.  They can use ballistic shields, though you seldom see them because they’re an expansion pack item.


Last but not least, the stealthy sniper.  Obviously they use sniper rifles, long range guns that can kill some one in one shot!  Their equipment  is almost always a radio beacon a.k.a. spawn beacon.  They may also use reconnaissance drones, motion sensors, and sofloms.  Sofloms are devices that can lock onto any vehicles so that soldiers with RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) can lock onto them even if that launcher doesn’t lock.

There are also other weapons accessible to all classes such as: DMRs  (Designated Marksman Rifles), carbines, and shotguns.

Any questions?

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