Product Review: 1:24 Scale NASCAR Stock Car

What’s up racing fans!  Today I’ve decided to do a post about the NASCAR platinum addition 1:24 scale stock car models.  I’ll show some pictures of my models later in the post.  Here are the pros and cons of these models.


  • The wheels turn along with the steering wheel!  They turn in harmony with each other.
  • The engine is actually 3D and not just a lumpy piece of plastic painted to look like an img_20160825_1453434931engine.
  • The net on the driver’s side is an actual net.  It’s not another piece of plastic made to look real.
  • The nitrogen tanks in the back of the car are there!  You can even see the tube the nitrogen runs through!
  • The details in general are uncanny to the real thing.  From the interior designs like the fire extinguishers in the cabin, to the sponsors on the frame, it’s pretty much an exact replica!


  • It’s delicate.


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Here are some bonus car pictures.

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