What’s up, readers!  Today I learned how to play an awesome game called Stratego.  The objective of the game is to capture the flag.  The way to get there is by moving a piece forwards, backwards, and side-to-side, but never diagonal.

Now, let’s discuss who can do what.  When playing the game, you’ll see there are numbers on the pieces.  The lower the number is, the higher rank the piece is and the higher rank the piece is, the more dominant it is.  This is why the rules state that the pieces must be facing you, otherwise your opponent can target could target a specific piece and take you down easier.  Here is a list of all of the pieces:

  • Bombs (x6) – Bombs will kill anything they come upon, except for miners, and they can not move. B
  • Marshal (x1) – Marshals are the highest rank in the game and can only be killed by spies.#1
  • General (x1) – Generals are your second in command. The only ones who can kill him is an enemy Marshal or obviously a spy.#2
  • Colonels (x2) – Colonels are a force to be reckoned with.  Although they’re no Marshal, they can still kick butt on the battlefield.#3
  • Majors (x3) – Majors are only one step down from the Colonels.  They are still good dudes to have. #4
  • Captains (x4) – Captains are good for defense.  Being that they’re not the strongest, but still a higher rank, they can take down most enemy attackers. #5
  • Lieutenants (x4) – Lieutenants are good for getting miners into the battle and keeping them safe from enemy scouts. #6
  • Sergeants (x4) – Sergeants can take down enemy miners before they can defuse your bombs.#7
  • Miners (x5) – Miners are probably my favorite because they get rid of your opponent’s bombs before they can kill anyone.#8
  • Scouts (x8) – Scouts are pretty much pawns.  They can either be decoys to distract your enemy from where your flag is, or you can escort your scouts to the enemy flag and capture it.
  • Spy (x1) – Spies are the weakest piece on the board.  They only have one purpose: neutralize the enemy marshal.  Being the he/she can be killed by any enemy, protect them well.  The spy can only take out the marshal if he/she takes the first shot. S
  • Flag (x1) – The flag is what you need to keep from your enemy and defend with your life!  That might be going to far.  Ah, you know what I mean!

Now get out there and try a new game!  Fun guaranteed. 

Need any more info? Click here to check Stratego on Wikipedia.

Want the game?  Click the picture to buy on Amazon.